Oksana Grigorieva Says Mel Gibson Punched Her in the Face; Actor Accuses Her of Lying

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Mel Gibson's lawyer says his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is making up horrible stories about him because she's having buyer's remorse ... so to speak.

Stephen Kolodny says it's all over a custody agreement she signed: "Oksana's deceitful conduct in trying to terminate Mel's access to his daughter continues."

This is serious stuff: Oksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson punched her twice in the face last January, knocking out her teeth and giving her a concussion.

It all started last week, when the Russian pianist took out a restraining order barring Mel from getting near Oksana or their daughter, 8-month-old Lucia.

The next day, Mel's lawyer went to court and got the judge to modify the order, allowing Gibson to have contact with the child, his first with Grigorieva.

Kolodny claims, by modifying the order, the court rejected Oksana's argument that the baby was in danger and affirmed their recent custody agreement.

SHE SAID, HE SAID: Did Mel beat Oksana, or is this a bitter ploy?

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva, however, claim she believes Mel Gibson is "extremely violent" and poses an ongoing threat to her and the baby.

Kolodny scoffs at the claim, saying "Mel was hopeful that their break-up was behind them and Lucia would be the beneficiary of cooperative parenting."

"Apparently Lucia will be denied that good fortune."

He noted that they agreed to a deal offering overnight, unrestricted visitation, and which would result in Mel having 50/50 custody of their daughter.

Finally, Kolodny says, "Making sensational allegations is not the way to resolve this," adding that Mel wants a custody resolution in court, not the press.

Lies or not, allegations surfaced last week from sources in Oksana's camp who said she had "to protect the baby during one of [Mel's] violent episodes."

"She tried to protect his reputation, despite her fears of him. She regrets believing his empty promises to obtain help to control his violent nature."

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