Eclipse Review: The Best Twilight Film Yet!

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While The Twilight Saga may boast an impressive, deep cast, let's face it: this franchise is all about its three main stars.

For that reason, New Moon fell a bit flat, as Robert Pattinson scarcely appeared as Edward and we were left with too much of Bella sitting around and simply pondering her life. Granted, Taylor Lautner took his shirt off a lot, but here's the great news about Eclipse:

Jacob is once again topless most of the time - but he isn't the only one heating up the screen. Having been treated to a screening of Eclipse, we can confirm: it's by far the most action-packed of all three Twilight films, and it's also the best. Here's why:

Bella's internal conflict has external consequences. Jacob or Edward? Edward or Jacob? This love triangle is at the forefront of the film, but it's placed against the backdrop of a centuries-old feud between werewolves and vampires.

This is far more than typical teenage angst; this is Bella needing to make a decision, the ramifications of which will impact all the lives around her. When Jacob and Edward agree to an alliance in order to protect the girl they love, even men in the audience might stand up and cheer. It's exciting, selfless stuff.

The movie has a sense of humor. Early on, Edward says of Jacob: "Doesn't he own a shirt?" It's a cute, light-hearted wink at the audience and the pop culture phenomenon the franchise has become.

Jacob vs. Edward. Choosing a Team in this rivalry is a necessity for all fans, and Eclipse sets up more of a dichotomy than ever before. At one point, Bella complains that Edward won't "unzip before marriage." Meanwhile, Jacob simply oozes sweat and sex appeal. The former is old school, the latter... well, he's ready to pounce. These differences make Bella's dilemma all the more stark, which makes it that much more interesting to watch.

The tent scene. Trust us.

The flashbacks. Through a series of character flashbacks, we learn how multiple Cullens earned their fangs. Jasper's tale of being a Confederate Major is especially gripping.

Great special effects. The movie climaxes with a showdown between wolves and vampires (and one human, of course) that may not be at the level of Avatar, but it makes tremendous use of CGI. Overall, the action is on par with many summer popcorn flicks.

In the end, it's easy to understand why the Twilight Saga appeals to teenage girls everywhere: two gorgeous guys aren't just in love with Bella, they are willing to do absolutely anything for her. It's the stuff we all dream about.

But Eclipse adds action, adventure and history to that simple storyline. It combines the best elements of the first two films and we strongly recommend it to all readers.

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