Chris Klein Plastered During DUI Arrest; May Do Time

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There's no excuse for driving drunk. If you're gonna be imbibing, just call for a cab or crash with a friend. It's not worth the risk to yourself or the public.

That said, some DUIs definitely worse than others.

There are the Stephanie Pratt-style arrests, in which the person registers a BAC of exactly .08, and legitimately felt they were in good condition to drive.

Then you have Chris Klein early this morning, bombed out of his mind at 2.5 TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT and cruisin' down the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.

He blew a .20. The limit is .08. Amazing. The American Pie star's bail for the DUI arrest, his second in the last six months, has been set at $25,000.

We purposely found the worst Chris Klein photo ever taken.

Chris could be headed to jail in the wake of this incident due to his history of driving drunk, too. The guy was also arrested and convicted of DUI in 2004.

California law requires that he serve jail time if convicted again. Also, a new law requires an "ignition interlock system" installed if he wishes to drive.

Lindsay Lohan should really have one of those.

The system is essentially a breathalyzer test that's synced up to the car. If he's not sober, it won't turn on. This is only if he's convicted again, of course.

With a .20 BAC, one wonders how he won't be.

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