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Chances are, you haven’t heard of Nicky Holender. But you’re very familiar with his client base.

This personal trainer is responsible for the physiques of Kendra Wilkinson, Melanie Brown, Chris Harrison and other celebrities so famous they’ve made him sign confidentiality agreements that keep their names a secret.

How does he motivate these stars? And what’s the deal behind his upcoming Kendra DVD (No, not that one!)? We spoke with the former professional soccer player today and asked him about society’s weight loss craze, among other topics…

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THG: Why do tabloid covers hyping various weight loss achievements sell so well?
Holender: Weight loss is a goal a lot of people strive for. The general public struggles with weight for lots of reasons, such as bad eating and inactivity. They want to know: Is it possible to get in shape? How is it possible? These stories help with that.

THG: What’s your approach when meeting a new client?
Holender: I give then a nutritional plan and I determine their energy expenditure. I always ask myself: How can I get their bodies in balance? For the most part, one’s body wants to remain as it is. My job is to push it someplace it doesn’t naturally want to go.

THG: Is it difficult to motivate celebrities that aren’t used to being bossed around?
Holender: It’s easier. Most of these people have gotten to where they are in life through hard work. They know what’s expected of them and don’t shy away from it.

THG: Tell us about your upcoming Kendra workout DVD.
Holender: It comes out in July and focuses on people, such as new mothers, that have been away from training for awhile. We try to make working out fun by incorporating five sports into the routines. It’s a 48-minute cardio workout that keeps the heart rate elevated at all times and burns calories.


THG: Do you have any other projects in the works?
Holender: Mel B. and I are coming out with an exercise product. Patent is pending, so I can’t reveal a lot about it. But it will target women’s booties. There will eventually be an accompanying DVD.

THG: So, no Chris Harrison DVD then?
Holender [laughs]: Funny you say that. He’s known as the host of The Bachelor and all that, but Chris is taping a talk show pilot soon and I’ll be his fitness expert on it. He’s also a really good soccer player and one of the strongest people I train.

We’d like to thank Holender for his time. You can visit to find out more about this trainer. Now, go hit the gym, people!