Happy Birthday, Levi Johnston!

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Levi Johnston turns 20 today.

For a brief synopsis of Levi's short time on Earth, let's turn it over to his Wikipedia bio, because the facts are funnier than anything we could write:

Levi Keith Johnston is the ex-fiancé of Bristol Palin. He first received media attention in August 2008 upon Sarah Palin's announcement that her daughter Bristol was five months pregnant and that Levi Johnston was the father.

Wedding plans were scrapped when the paiir broke off their engagement in March 2009. Johnston has since pursued a career in the entertainment industry as an aspiring actor and model, and has engaged in several public feuds with the Palin family.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen!

Levi and Sarah in happier, fake-engagement times.

While it's amazing to think that a guy could become famous just for having unprotected intercourse with Bristol Palin - the daughter of a politician, not even an entertainment fixture at the time - Levi has done just that ... in spades.

By parlaying it into nude Playgirl photos and pistachio ads, Levi also cemented his place among the most shameless D-list hangers-on in the celebrity universe. Joslyn James has nothing on this guy! We can't wait to see what he does next.

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Levi Johnston is the father of Bristol Palin's son, Tripp. He is a very mature individual, from the sounds of it, calling himself "a... More »
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