Best of Celebrity Photos: April 23-30, 2010

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Welcome to THG. Our stories featured many memorable images this week. Here are just some of the star pics we featured in the past seven days.

Click to enlarge and vote on your favorites, then follow the jump for many more images from our always-expanding gallery of celebrity photos ...

Olivia Munn Nude Pic
Doing a Lot of Good
Yeah Yeah Yeah, So Hard
A Bit Cocky
J. Lo Hair
Rielle Hunter on Oprah Winfrey
So Very Influential
Lindsay Lohan Dead
Rated R and Live
Prince Pic
Goodbye, Siobhan
Pam Anderson Cleavage
Dim Britney
Strumming While Sexy
New Swimsuit Model
J. Alba Picture
Ali and Lindsay Lohan Pic
Very Accomodating
Swift Swarmed
Traci Johnson Photo
Another Trophy
Very Unfunny
Shar on the Red Carpet
Serious Rocker
Erin and Maks Bust It
Abbie C.
Josh Hartnett Pic
Actually an Author
Tha Great White
Kim Kard
Another Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pic
PR Pic
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