Sandra Bullock: The Wedding Ring is Off!

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Sandra Bullock has been spotted. Her wedding ring has not been.

During its Monday evening broadcast, Entertainment Tonight showed a photograph of the scorned Oscar winner taking a hike in Northern California.

In the photo, reportedly taken last Friday, a somber looking Bullock wears a hat, a scarf, very little if any makeup and no wedding ring. That's right.

The vintage platinum band with intertwining diamonds that she has worn since wedding Jesse James nearly five years ago is off. Will it be for good?

Sandra has only been seen once before in public since that Nazi Michelle "Bombshell" McGee blew the lid off the Jesse James scandal in mid-March.

Bombshell claims to have carried on an 11-month affair with James. Four other women later claimed involvement with the motorcycle mogul, too.

James is reportedly seeking treatment for sex addiction. Bullock is said to want an amicable, fast split from him, though nothing has been filed yet.

How is she doing now? "She is devastated but being methodical and trying to make the right decision about what to do next," a Bullock source says.

"She's reading a lot of scripts, 'cause it takes her mind off everything going on with this ... she just wants to get on with the next phase of her life."

What do you think Sandra Bullock should do?

Follow the jump for a clip reportedly showing The Blind Side star sans wedding ring, and tell us if you think this marks the end of her marriage ...