Lindsay Lohan: Former BFF of Kate Major?!

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Kate Major used to work as an assistant to Lindsay Lohan and was, like, totally, her BFF. No wonder Linds is grossed out by her dad tapping that four times a day.

Back when she was a Star Magazine reporter, Kate, who got engaged to Michael Lohan this week, was also Lindsay's assistant and best friend. Kate says it's cool.

Lindsay the Rock Star

Why? Because she didn't get paid with money, just exclusives.

Could this family be any more messed up, do you think?

It's true, though. She met Michael, who introduced her to Jon Gosselin, with whom she had a brief fling last summer, because she used to be Lindsay's assistant.

It's really a shame this friendship ended.

Kate Major was key member of Lindsay's entourage, serving (either paid or unpaid) as a driver, confidant, an all-purpose factotum, according to inside sources.

"Kate was really close with Lindsay when she was in rehab at Cirque Lodge in 2007," says one source. "Kate drove her back to Los Angeles from Utah and was the one that brought in the first-person post-rehab interview for In Touch."

They should tell that story at the wedding.

Adds the source: "They hung out and partied a lot together after that. But Lindsay stopped returning her calls when Kate started getting closer to Michael Lohan."

"Kate used to go out to the Hamptons and hit events with him and his girlfriend [now ex-fiancee] Erin Muller. She had a picture on her desk of the three of them."

Kate Major tells PopEater in response that while she was her assistant, "I was never paid to be her assistant. Lindsay and I did not stop talking because I got close with Michael, what happened was I moved to New York and we grew apart."

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