Larry King: Strong-Armed By Wife, Lacking Prenup

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Larry King is fighting to keep his Beverly Hills mansion and other homes from estranged wife Shawn Southwick, who he says made him sign the rights away.

Several years ago Shawn accused Larry of having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann. Those very same allegations surfaced yet again this week. 

A King source says Shawn threatened to leak the story unless Larry signed a document giving up his interest in their estate, plus two other homes in Utah.

Sources say King took the pact to his attorney, Dennis Wasser, who told him not to sign it. He then sought the advice of her lawyer, who green lighted it.

Wasser was livid. Now, Larry will try to undo the deal in court on the grounds that Shawn Southwick bullied Larry into a bad deal and bad legal advice.

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Making matters worse for Larry King? He has no prenuptial agreement.

Despite being married seven times before, King did not demand a prenup. Says a source: "She is a tall, good-looking blonde and that pretty much explains it."

It explains so many things, really.

Larry's net worth is reportedly estimated at $144 million. In California, earnings accumulated during a marriage (theirs is the 13-year mark) are split 50/50. 

That's gotta hurt.

Fortunately, the two put aside their differences yesterday, at least for a few minutes, at their sons' baseball game, even exchanging a hug and kind words.

No word if Hector Penate, Shawn's alleged boy toy, was coaching, or whether Shannon Engemann was in the stands. Damn, Larry. Your wife's sister? Dude ...

A cute photo of Shawn Southwick, the eighth wife of Larry King, with younger sister Shannon Engemann, the alleged mistress of Larry King. We don't get it either.

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