If Alex Lambert Can Dream...

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Ratings for American Idol have dropped this season and many viewers aren't thrilled with the remaining contestants.

THG thinks we know why: the early elimination of Alex Lambert. Just as this adorable singer was feeling comfortable on stage, fans voted him off.

So, where can you catch the young crooner now? Online. Lambert has signed on for If I Can Dream, the Web reality series that follows six people - including Miley Cyrus' ex, Justin Gaston - attempting to succeed in Hollywood.

The Other Lambert

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alex discusses the show, his future and other topics. A few excerpts are below...

What is the show?: They’re going to follow me while I pursue my career. They’re going to hook me up with vocal coaches and co-writers to help me co-write my songs. They’re pretty much going to do everything they can to help me take my music to the next level. There’s five other people in the house, and it’s just showing us pursuing our dreams.

Why is he doing it? It’s like the perfect thing I could do right now. I went back home to Texas... I didn’t know what to do with like press, publicity, and all that stuff. So this is perfect. They’re hooking me up with the perfect people.

On his popularity: I think the reason that a lot of people like me is [that I'm] something unique that people haven’t really heard on Idol before. There’s never been someone who sounded like me on Idol ever. I guess everyone was like, ”This is cool.” I think I have a unique style, but people realize I’m a beginner.

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