Gun Threat Reported Against Erin Andrews

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Another email targeting ESPN reporter and Dancing with the Stars contender Erin Andrews has been released, and it doesn't exactly make the guy look small time.

He's already made death threats, but now he's getting even more specific, making it crystal clear that he's not to be taken lightly (and needs a team of shrinks).

The loser from Newport News, Va., has been sending sexual and violent emails to Erin Andrews via DirecTV's The Dan Patrick Show since back in September.

The emails turned violent and threatening in late March, right around when she made her debut on Dancing with the Stars with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

He recently wrote, "I would like to see if Erin Andrews can dance her way through a hail of gunfire. Better yet I would love to shoot her with a Barrett rifle."

Erin, Maksim

Erin and Maksim have earned praise on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, a deranged lunatic would like to see her eliminated ... from the show and planet.

That's just a cruel play on words, as her previous stalker - the tool who videotaped Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room illegally - is named Michael David Barrett.

Also scary? A Barrett rifle has a range of over a mile.

Just the same, in spite of this email and others, the FBI is resistant to making an arrest, because authorities believe the author is engaging in protected free speech.

We just hope Erin is protected. Sources familiar with the author say that "he's 6'9" and bulky." Apparently size and height don't correlate to sanity or brainpower.


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