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Will Kate Gosselin, likely the world’s worst dancer, be kicked off Dancing with the Stars this week? Not if George Lopez has anything to say about it.

For hilarious reasons unknown, the comedian and talk show host has been campaigning to keep the mother of eight as a contestant on the show.

The 48-year-old Lopez Tonight host proclaimed of his campaign: “America has spoken and Kate Gosselin is still alive! My master plan is working!”

Lopez continued his plea to our nation: “I tweeted that everybody should vote for Kate and why. Do it for her kids. Do it for her poor partner Tony Dovolani and most importantly … Do it for the United States of America!”

With a pitch like that, how can we say no?

George continued, “It’s your duty, America. Remember every vote counts and it’s time to keep Kate alive. You are the change we have been waiting for.”

Channeling Barack Obama to keep Kate Gosselin on a reality show? Far from unfunny. For more on how you can support this cause, visit

Then, for more on getting the help you need, click here.

One might say the only thing you’re doing for the kids is depriving them … although if it weren’t for dancing, she’d just be hawking some book anyway.

As for whether fans will heed George’s call, we’d say there’s a decent chance. She’s set the bar so low with her dancing, there’s little room to get worse.

Even a mediocre effort will feel like a victory to supporters who have kept her around while she was flat-out abysmal. Lowering expectations … genius.

Will you keep Kate Gosselin? Or are you more inclined to vote for someone else this week? Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?