Chris Rock Mocks David Letterman Scandal

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David Letterman tells jokes at others' expense for a living. This week, he got a taste of his own medicine from a worthy comedic adversary, Chris Rock.

Suffering from both a hoarse voice and a cold, Letterman gave Rock ample material for mercilessly mocking the talk show host's messy personal life.

"Dave, what the hell happened to your voice?" he asked. "You sound like an old ass man. You're still doing the show? You're rich, you could go home!"

Then Rock joked in reference to Regina Lasko: "Wife still mad at you, ain't she? I get it. Why drive back to Connecticut? Just do the show with no voice!"

Chris Rock turns the tables on Letterman.

Letterman took it in stride, and Rock later noted: "I've been there, man ... When I'm on the road, I just add on shows! We're doin' Roanoke tonight!"

Rock then continued his barrage, saying Dave "fired all the cute girls" that used to be backstage. Now it's just "a bunch of fat old guys," he lamented.

Of course, Letterman had a comeback, "some of them are starting to look pretty good." Follow the jump for some clips from the amusing exchange ...

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