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It was easy to laugh at Erica and Victoria Mongeon during their MTV reality show run. Better known as the Ikki Twins, these sisters starred as lesbians on the dating series A Double Shot at Love.

But this is no laughing matter: Erica is in a medically-induced coma after being injured in a major car accident yesterday.

The siblings were passengers in a Volkswagen Jetta that hit a tire in the road and was subsequently rear-ended by a truck when the driver attempted to pull over. The crash took place near Bakersfield, California.

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“Right after the accident everybody was feeling OK, but Rikki had a bump on her head and nobody thought it was a big deal, but for just for the heck of it they went to the hospital,” rep Rick Brown told E! News, explaining how things got worse from there:

“Then, the doctors did a test that said she had bleeding in her skull. She never felt bad, like you would expect, but they put her into a medically-induced coma and will keep her down until Friday. The plan is to bring her out of the coma on Friday and take it from there.”

Neither Victoria nor the car’s driver were seriously injured.

Brown has asked fans to pray for Erica, though she’s expected to survive.

** UPDATE: Erica is not out of the woods yet, but her manager says her eyes are open and she’s responsive.