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Beleaguered actor Rip Torn is headed to rehab.

The 78-year-old Emmy winner was arrested Friday night in Salisbury, Conn., for allegedly breaking into a bank with a loaded gun while under the influence.

Police say busted Torn, who has faced multiple DUIs in the past. He posted $100,000 bond on Monday and headed straight to a Manhattan clinic to dry out.

He faces charges of trespassing, possession of a firearm without a permit, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, criminal mischief and burglary for the stunt.

Rip Torn needs to cool it with the boozing.

He did not enter a plea. Torn is due back in court February 17. His lawyer says it was all a misunderstanding. A heat-packing, belligerent misunderstanding.

“Obviously, he wasn’t intending to commit a crime,” Torn’s attorney told the Hartford Courant, saying  Torn was so drunk, he thought he was in his home.

We’ve been there, actually. Well, sans loaded firearm. In any case, here’s hoping Torn gets help, as he’s been taking over our celebrity mug shots gallery.