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Taylor Momsen stars on Gossip Girl as angst-riddled teenager Jenny Humphrey, a 16-year-old aspiring to rule high school and be a fashion designer one day.

In real life, she’s a 16-year-old actress, model, rock musician and now a business mogul: TM has partaken in the racket that is celebrity perfume production!

The name of her signature scent: Love Rocks.

She’d better hope Courtney Love doesn’t hear about this. For one, she assume it’s named after her. Second, she already hates Taylor for bogarting her style.

Supposedly. It’s Courtney Love. We wouldn’t sweat it if we were the Gossip Girl star. Woman hates her own daughter. Here’s Taylor at her fragrance launch:

Would you want to smell like Taylor Momsen?

She doesn’t wanna be compared to Lindsay Lohan, and that’s fine. Taylor Momsen has no DUI arrests and her career is on its ascent. But watch out, girl. Just saying.