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Michael Jackson’s estate is doing pretty well these days, with the release of the album and film This Is It and the renewed interest in the late King of Pop in general.

But it’s also dealing with claims adding up to tens of millions.

Soon enough, the list of people who claim Michael Jackson owed them money will be longer than his FBI file. Estimates are that the total claims exceed $20 million.

Best Dancer Ever?
(AFP/Getty Images)

For starters, there’s a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, and a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of Michael’s epic “Thriller” music video.

Then there’s a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm (multiple law firms are trying to claim a piece of MJ’s estate).

That does not mean the estate will pay all the claims, as the executors will make that determination (and can only be overruled if a judge orders them to pay).

Among the self-proclaimed family members likely to be shut down: