David Paterson SNL Skit: Too Funny or Too Far?

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Saturday Night Live ridiculed New York State Governor David Paterson once again last night, with SNL cast member Fred Armisen doing the hilarious honors.

As has been the theme in skewerings past, Paterson was depicted as having a difficult time finding the news desk and speaking erratically, to say the least.

He opened by saying, "Hello Yankee Stadium!" Informed it was not in fact the House that Ruth Built, the legally blind governor called it "classic Paterson."

When not making a mockery of himself, the faux David Paterson character relentlessly poked fun at New Jersey, a.k.a. the land of cologne and raccoons.

The Garden State is such a cesspool, Paterson opined, that the Jersey Shore cast is actually the cream of the crop. That would be pretty bad, indeed.

The latest skit is likely to again raise the ire of Paterson himself and potential of advocates for the disabled, whose criticism has not deterred SNL so far.

Does SNL go too far? What do you think of the David Paterson skit?

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