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Janice Dickinson needs to get a room.

And a life.

The attention-starved former model, who has made headlines in the past for claiming she murdered her father, has resorted to Speidi-like tactics in order to be photographed by the paparazzi.

Over the weekend, Dickinson and her boyfriend were standing outside Barney’s in Los Angeles. Upon spotting a photographer, Janice simulated oral sex on her man and then stuck her tongue in his mouth for all to see. It was a gruesome scene.

Janice Dickinson Attends Art Hearts Fashion Los Angeles Fashion Week
(Arun Nevader)


At least the washed-up D-lister didn’t ramble drunkenly against the cameraman this time. She’s been known to do so in the past, while screaming: “I’m totally f*%ked up!”

We know, Janice. Trust us. We know.