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The NYPD has questioned Jon Gosselin’s ex, Hailey Glassman, about burglarizing Jon’s apartment, according to reports. No charges have been filed … yet.

Glassman, accompanied by her attorney, was questioned last night.

The note that was left behind (with a knife) when someone ransacked Jon’s apartment was signed with Glassman’s name. Of course, anyone could have written it.

Jon is called a “cheater” in the note, which was stuck to Jon’s bedroom dresser, but there’s no reference within the note to the raging destruction of Jon’s NYC pad.

Jon Gosselin in Hospital

The NYPD fingerprinted the scene, but since Hailey Glassman used to live in the apartment with Jon until last week, that’s not exactly going to prove much.

While Hailey is obviously innocent until proven guilty and should be treated as such, Jon Gosselin’s lawyer, Mark Heller, is not giving her the benefit of any doubt.

“Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It’s a simple as that,” he said.

Oops! I may have trashed your place with a butcher knife!

Heller spoke out after Hailey’s attorney told Radar Online that the situation appeared to be a “huge publicity stunt” and someone is trying to frame Hailey.

Heller fired back that security video will prove that it was Hailey who trashed Jon’s apartment Saturday and left with his plasma TV and other belongings.

He revealed that Jon’s favorite Louis Vuitton shoes were shredded by some type of knife and a Ming vase that was in Jon’s family for 100 years was shattered.

A Radar Online source says Hailey has admitted to writing the note, but there’s no proof of that, or of what Jon’s lawyer says, no matter how passionate he is.

“The building security tape will not lie and the evidence will speak for itself,” Heller said, adding with his usual subtlety and tact, “Jon feels like he was raped.”

Lovely imagery and not at all overdramatic, Mark.

You do have to wonder who else had the means and the motive here. There is real bad blood over rent money and things much more personal between them.