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Evi Quaid, the crazy wife of actor Randy Quaid, was apparently arrested in Marfa, Texas, Saturday evening. No, this isn’t an old story. It happened again.

A bench warrant was issued for Evi and Randy Quaid on December 15 after they failed to show for another court appearance. That’s just what they do.

Evi was arrested at 6:30 p.m. by the Marfa P.D. at the Quaids’ West Texas home. For whatever reason, Randy was not arrested, according to reports.

She was transported to Hudspeth County Jail for processing. Said a spokesman:

“Evi was booked at Hudspeth County Jail for the outstanding warrant out of Santa Barbara County. She bailed out at 7 a.m. by Freedom Bail Bonds.”

What a great name for a company.

INSANE: Randy and Evi Quaid may not know where they are right now.

This all stems from their arrest for skipping out on a pricey hotel bill in Santa Barbara, Calif. Randy and Evi Quaid are accused of defrauding an innkeeper of $10,000.

After they were busted, Evi flipped out on police, alleging conspiracies.

She proceeded to write an angry, theory-filled letter to a judge and sent some nude pictures in to a local newspaper editor. Who knows why, but we’re very serious.

This is not exactly the first account of erratic behavior from the actor’s wife, who’s also been accused of calling people Nazis and tearing down satellite dishes lately.

We’re a little scared she’s gonna come after us, as a matter of fact.