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Tila Tequila wants you to feel sorry for her.

While we certainly wish her no physical harm, the girl has zero credibility, which may be why police decided not to charge her then-boyfriend, Shawne Merriman, in the altercation that took place between them in September.

Just the same, Tila Tequila is letting her bruises do the talking in a lawsuit she just filed against the NFL star, who she says grabbed her, shook her like a rag doll, threw he down and choked her during an argument at his house.

In the lawsuit, Tila included photos showing bruises on her arms and noting the disparity in height and weight (Tila is 4’11”, 93 lbs. Shawne is 6’4″, 280 lbs).

Which proves nothing, of course, but here they are …

Tila Tequila says this proves Shawne Merriman assaulted her.

Tila says in her suit (for battery, assault, emotional distress and false imprisonment) that the San Diego Chargers linebacker had a bad temper combined with a drug problem, and that he humiliated her because of her bi-sexuality.

Merriman served an NFL suspension for steroid use the season before last.

Shawne’s version of events that night? He wanted Tila to engage in a foursome with himself and two other girls, she flipped out and refused, and he had to physically restrain her from driving home naked and intoxicated.

The San Diego County D.A. declined to file criminal charges. She might have better luck auctioning off her breasts than banking on a big settlement here.