First Look: The Crappy Octomom Documentary!

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Last night, a one-hour documentary called Octomom: Me and My 14 Kids premiered on British TV. It will air (as My Life As the Octomom) at a later date in the U.S.

In this low point for reality TV, the freak says "sometimes I think God is testing me," defending herself against her critics, adding: "I'm a competent, good mother."

Nadya Suleman, now a mom of 14, is open about her struggle to bond with each of her octuplets in the early stages of life, admitting that "it takes a while ... I found myself bonding with, like, three or four [more] than the others. It's so hard."

Also hard? Raising more than a dozen kids with no job. Oh wait, no it's not, taxpayers will gladly pick up the tab there. In fact, she should probably have more kids.

The show's producer and director, Luke Campbell, called Nadya "tenacious," as well as "completely approachable" with "a logical sense of the enormity of her situation."

This is the first time anyone has ever used "logical" and "Octomom" in the same sentence. Campbell did acknowledge that he worries about Suleman at times.

"She burst into tears for half an hour mid shoot," he recalled. "[Nadya Suleman] means well, but I don't think in the future she's really going to be able to really provide the necessary level of monitoring and mothering [that a child needs]."


Shooting for the documentary, and future installments to air at later dates, began in April. While distinguishing her show from Jon and Kate Plus 8, Nadya says:

"You live in my life one day and you'll see, you'll realize: it's ludicrous."

Indeed. Follow the jump to see a clip of this crap ...


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