Dr. Arnold Klein: Michael Jackson Never Molested Anyone, He Just ...

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Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's best friend and doctor for decades, and who is also rumored to be the biological father of two of his children, is back in the news.

This time, it has nothing to do with Jackson's health or the paternity of his offspring. Klein is offering an interesting theory on Michael's 1993 child molestation case.

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As you probably know, a boy accused Jackson of molesting him, which the music icon denied. The case was settled out of court; MJ was never convicted of a crime.

Michael Jackson with his old friend and dermatologist.

A key piece of evidence in the case was that the accuser could identify a discoloration on the singer's genitals. Not something you just happen to see, right?

It is this that Klein is offering an explanation for. In a discussion with TMZ, Klein says there's a perfectly good reason ... even though it's still very strange.

If you don't want to be grossed, or potentially weirded out, we suggest you stop here. If you want, follow the jump to continue reading Klein's explanation ...

Klein says Michael liked to pee for an audience.

Files from the 1993 Santa Barbara molestation investigation note that the young accuser was able to describe - in explicit detail - the discoloration on Jackson's genital area ... the result of Vitiligo, a skin discoloration disorder.

Well, Dr. Arnold Klein insists Jackson did not molest the boy, and says he could describe Jackson's genitals is because Jackson liked to pee in front of other people.

Dr. Klein said Jackson thought it was funny.

Klein says there were numerous times when Jackson would pee in the doctor's home - in a cup!!! - even around groups of people, and even including children.

He would also do so in his office, Klein said.

Dr. Klein says the 1993 accuser saw Jackson peeing and that's why he could identify the genital markings. So ... no molestation, just general awkwardness.

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