Chef Academy Star Emmanuel Delcour is Really Jean Val Jean

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Bravo’s Chef Academy just gained notoriety, and not for the creme brulee.

On an upcoming episode, one contestant fesses up to having a porn past.

Emmanuel Delcour (Jean Val Jean, to the adult film community) was evidently a porn star before he became a student on Bravo's Chef Academy.

That program teaches non-chefs how to cook and compete. In his sexier days, Jean Val Jean wasn't much of a chef, but was adept at tossed salad.

No, honestly.

Emmanuel Delcour used to be Jean Val Jean, French adult actor.

The network seems to be even having a little fun encouraging viewers to dig up the seedy past of Emmanuel Delcour-Jean Val Jean, with it’s publicity machine boasting about “one of our stars has dirt on the net, can you find it?”

Done and done.

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