Whitney Houston: Drunk on X Factor?

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Whitney Houston's increasingly bizarre behavior continued Sunday as the star's comeback tour brought her to Simon Cowell's UK reality show X Factor.

Thankfully for all involved, the incident wasn't X-rated. But it was close. Whitney Houston did experience a wardrobe malfunction as her dress nearly fell off.

Really. "I sang myself out of my clothes," Houston joked afterward.

X Factor viewers almost - so close! - got to see Whitney Houston nude.

Hey, dresses fall off. Just ask Lindsay Lohan. These things happen sometimes.

But like her Good Morning America debacle, it was Whitney Houston's lackluster performance all around that was even more puzzling to X Factor fans.

Is this woman drunk, or just cashing paychecks and phoning these shows in? If so, her new song's title, "Million Dollar Bill," is appropriate, if ironic.

You tell us. Check out Whitney "performing" on X Factor below ...

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