Samantha Sterling: Latest to Allege Romp with "Sex Crazed" Jon Gosselin

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The ranks of the mediocre girls claiming to have hooked up with Jon Gosselin continue to grow. Which is pretty amazing, as he's only been single a few months.

Even if they're all lying - Kate Major, Stephanie Santoro, and now self-proclaimed "Vegas girl" Samantha Sterling - Jon's fake bedpost is getting a real workout.

Samantha Sterling tells In Touch Weekly that she had a threesome with "sex-crazed" Jon Gosselin while he was in Las Vegas in August. Her insight from this?

"Jon likes getting sex from different places," she says.

"He absolutely thinks that he can have any woman he wants," said Sterling. "If his friends spot a good-looking girl, he asks them for a photo of her breasts."

No wonder Hailey supposedly went and got a boob job.

Jon Gosselin Ho Train

HOLDING COURT: The King of Pimps Jon Gosselin presides over his mediocre, loose female subjects while hosting a party in Vegas. [Photo:]

Ex-babysitter Stephanie Santoro, the previous woman to allege that Jon nailed her, says America's most eligible bachelor might be making up for lost time.

Like 10 years of lost time.

For the record, Jon denies the claims from both Stephanie and Samantha, saying via his rep that while he's "flattered," he's only been with Hailey Glassman.

Of course he's going to say that, though. This is what players do - drink too much, try to hit it with whomever you can, then worry about the fallout later.

Come on, who can resist Jon Gosselin? We all know pudgy dudes with Bluetooths, Ed Hardy t-shirts, no jobs and eight kids are like catnip to single girls.

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