Kristi Parrales Alleges Andrew Keegan Whomping, Tire Slashing, Terror Campaign

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Former teen heart throb Andrew Keegan is being accused by a model named Kristi Parrales of "launching a campaign of terror against her" for more than a year.

In court documents filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, Parrales says Keegan physically attacked her on two separate occasions, most recently July 4.

Kristi Parrales says Keegan "threw me across the living room in front of witnesses" and says she suffered scars on her back and bruises from the incident.

Parrales also claims the Camp Nowhere star has been rolling into her place of business recently and "calling [Kristi] names and giving [her] evil looks."

Kristi Parrales and Andrew Keegan in happier, non-threatening times.

Kristi claims that Keegan came back just last week, and that when she had the bouncer throw him out, the actor found her car and slashed her tires.

She asked a judge to keep Andrew Keegan 100 yards away from her.

Andrew tells TMZ that Kristi is simply a vindictive ex girlfriend. He said Kristi watched his dog this weekend while he was in Las Vegas ... and that he was still in Vegas when she claims he slashed her tires. Stay tuned there.

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