Give The Vampire Diaries a Chance!

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While fans continue to buzz over New Moon, at least one person hopes their appetite for attractive blood suckers is still strong.

L. J. Smith, the author of The Vampire Diaries series of novels, posted the following message on her website this week. She'd very much like for you to watch this new CW series:

May I make a plea for everybody to try to be patient (especially with the pilot episode)? The Twilight Zone feeling rapidly diminishes after that. Ian Somerhalder is being recognized as a superior villain; and I feel sure that under those brown curls Elena’s scheming mind is simply waiting for an opportunity to emerge.

I’ve waited this long to speak out, and my verdict is: give it a chance.

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Editor's note: we've seen the opening episoe of The Vampire Diaries and we concur. If you like the Twilight Saga, you must give The Vampire Diaries a fair opportunity. It premieres on Thursday night, September 10.

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