Dwight Howard Nude Photo a Fake, Rep Says

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You think you've seen it all with these naked pictures.

Such a nude scandal rarely surprises us anymore. Vanessa Hudgens (twice), Adrienne Bailon and even Ashley Greene nude. Where does the madness stop?

Apparently, Dwight Howard.

A photo circulating on the Internets which appears to show an exposed Dwight Howard nude is fake, the Orlando Magic star's agency said this afternoon.

In a statement released moments ago, Dwight's peeps said:

"We have been working with our attorneys with mediatakeout.com all morning to get the photos taken down because they are falsified and doctored."

Dwight Howard's reps also say they areĀ  not sure if the NBA all-star has seen the pictures yet since he is filming a movie right now in New Jersey.

Sorry if you came looking for Dwight Howard nude. Not gonna find it here. But here's a photo of Dwight Howard shirtless at least. And him dunking:

Dwight Howard sure can throw it down into the net. But no nude pics have been thrown up on the 'net by the Orlando Magic center, his reps made clear today.