Alena Jenkins: Ryan Jenkins' Sister, Accomplice?

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Ryan Jenkins killed himself Sunday in Hope, B.C. But before that, he was on the run for allegedly murdering wife Jasmine Fiore - and police are still trying to determine who aided him after he fled the U.S. into his native Canada.

The new theory? Ryan's 19-year-old half-sister Alena Jenkins helped hide the fugitive. The Canadian Broadcast Corporation and CTV are reporting that the woman police are now focusing on is Alena, a Vancouver photographer and model.

A woman answering Alena Jenkins' cellphone had no comment on the matter, and said only that Alena is busy with family, making funeral arrangements.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are reportedly talking to Alena.

A PT Cruiser parked at her Vancouver condo matched the description of a car that took Ryan Jenkins to the Thunderbird Motel where he committed suicide.

The media is reporting that police were at the condo on Tuesday, and that the car spotted at the motel is registered to Ryan Jenkins' father, Dan Jenkins.

A RCMP spokesman said police are talking to a woman to determine how Jenkins was helped not only to reach the motel but also get across the border. Canadian laws prevent him from identifying anyone not charged with a crime.

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Was sister Alena Jenkins the accomplice of fugitive Ryan?

Detectives are trying to determine "what role that person played, and the extent of the role they played." Criminal charges would have to be filed in the U.S.

Police said Jasmine Fiore was strangled, and that Ryan Jenkins, who reported her missing August 15, was the last person she was seen with before her death.

Fiore's missing 2007 white Mercedes was found on Wednesday a mile just west of her W. Hollywood home. Police towed the car to the Orange County Crime Lab.

Last week, after Fiore's body turned up in a Dumpster in Buena Park, Calif., Jenkins split across the border into Canada as prosecutors charged him with murder.

After Jenkins was found dead in the hotel, police began searching for the blonde who drove him to the hotel, checked in, paid cash for three days and bolted.

Originally, they focused on Paulina Chmielecka, his ex-fiancee. But it wasn't her.

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on two VH1 reality shows, Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3, both of which were later axed by the network.


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