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As his bitter divorce case with Kelis rages on, Nas now claims that 1. He’s paid her more than she says, and 2. He makes less than she thinks he does.

Kelis claims that the rapper made $11 million for his latest album deal. Nas fired back in legal papers, “I did not receive even half that amount.”

He puts the figure at more like $4 million. Not a small sum, but a tad less than $11 million. Nas also claims his income has declined – to $147,165 a month.

As for what he spends … $71,371.96 a month.

Kelis and Nas
(Getty Images)

While that is a lot of dough to blow through on a monthly basis, note that it’s less than half his income. Unlike Kelis, who makes $21K and spends $80K.

Nas wants to cut Kelis out – financially and otherwise. [Photos: Fame Pictures]

Kelis, who is about to give birth to their first child, claims that her husband hasn’t paid her a penny for child or spousal support since he left her.

Nas, who wants to be “fully involved” in the parenting of their child, says he agreed to pay $350 for a stroller, $450 for a baby sling and $1,598 for two cribs.

Nas thinks $5,000 a month is reasonable for child support since the kid will just be a newborn. Kelis has her sights set on much more than that. Stay tuned.