Noooooooo: Erin Andrews Hit By Foul Ball!

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We hate Alex Cora so hard.

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews - a favorite of male sports fans ages 9-115, was struck in the face by a foul ball hit by the New York Mets scrub during the 4th inning Wednesday night. The beauty was rushed to the hospital.

As if the Mets didn't suck bad enough these days.

Luckily, Erin Andrews - who recently launched a campaign (in vain) to be cast on Dancing with the Stars - was released after only suffering a bruised chin.

Hopefully - if there is a God - she will be back at work in no time. Here's wishing the Florida graduate and Playboy's "Sexiest Sportscaster" a fast recovery!

Oh, and if you ever threaten the health of the patron saint of sideline reporters again, Alex Cora, we will hunt you down. Watch your back, journeyman.


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