Anna Friel: Topless, Beautiful in Vanity Fair

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The Shannon Twins are getting paid big bucks to tag team Hugh Hefner, even if he can't tell them apart. This is all good, but it's strange and a bit gross.

There may be a time and place for ditzy girls (Hailey Glassman) and/or fame whores with fake boobs (Heidi Montag). But can't we see a girl with class?

Vanity Fair seems to think so.

The magazine has taken a different approach to female beauty, profiling an actress with actual talent in a series of beautiful photos. We present to you Anna Friel, star of Pushing Daisies, Land of the Lost and other works. She is pretty.

Anna Friel, Vanity Fair

Oh, and she's also topless in some of the magazine's artsy pictures, as you can see above. Truly, she is divine. Follow the jump for more Anna Friel photos ...

Anna Friel Naked
Anna Friel Picture
Anna Friel Topless
Anna Friel Topless Picture

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Anna Friel, Vanity Fair
Anna Friel is an adorable British actress. She's making it big in the States now due to her popularity on the show Pushing Daisies. More »
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