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Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his blockbuster new film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Josh Duhamel took a minute to address another topic:

The Hilton fight.

Asked jokingly about his wife beating up Perez (he is married to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas), Josh commented, “Yeah … she’s a regular badass, my wife.”

He was kidding there, but he did offer his honest opinion regarding the war of words between Perez Hilton and, which led to a physical fight and resulted in Perez getting punched in the head by the band’s manager, Polo Molina:

  • Perez “hits below the belt” and when you do that so many times so blatantly, it’s inevitable you’re going to get whacked.
  • Not only was Perez asking for this with his conduct, but Josh “kind of wishes he was there” to punch him personally.
  • Perez has more press than he deserves from this.

Here’s Josh Duhamel’s interview with Kimmel

Josh Duhamel on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hilton is suing Polo Molina, but in a series of statements since the assault, the most hated man in celebrity gossip seems almost more upset that no one feels sympathy toward his stupid ass than he is about getting clocked in the dome to begin with.

Cry us a river, Perez. The proof is in the poll below.

Whose side are you on?