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They didn’t boldly go where no other celebrities had gone before – Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in a popular event spot – but a slew of stars turned out for this week’s Los Angeles premiere of Star Trek.

The movie, which opens on May 8, is a reboot of the iconic franchise. It tells the story of how members of the USS Enterprise first met.

As you might expect for a summer blockbuster, there was no shortage of star power at the premiere.

We’ve published an assortment of photos below, but our favorite moment occurred when Hayden Panettiere and Kristin Cavallari engaged in a quasi pose-off. See, and judge each beauty, for yourself:

Who strikes the sexier pose?

If you can ever stop staring at the pretty actresses above, take a look at the other celebs that got their Star Trek on last night. Click on each photo to enlarge it…

[Photos: Splash News]