Prank Caller Claims Demise of Paris Hilton's Dog; Cops Dispatched to Doug Reinhardt's House

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Let the record show that Paris Hilton and her beau of several months, Doug Reinhardt, are lovers, but not fighters. Reports of a screaming match in Reinhardt's driveway last night are "not true at all," Hilton tells E! Online today.

Rather, the ho-tel heiress says, someone prank called her. And it was a mean prank call. The culprit's joke of choice? Claiming her pooch was pancaked.

"We got home from the [T-Mobile launch] party last night and someone prank-called me and said that my dog, Tinkerbell, had been ran over," she recalls. "They told me 'Tinkerbell is dead. We just found it on Mulholland Drive.'"

Talk about doggie drama - and this time, Rick Salomon was not involved.

Rest assured, Tinkerbell is okay. But Thursday evening got weirder still. In addition to the prank call, keys to Doug's home were nowhere to be found.

"We couldn’t find the keys to the house," Paris Hilton says. "While Doug was looking for the keys, I was screaming on the phone. I'm on the phone crying calling my mom. Obviously I'm going to be crying; she’s like my daughter."

Luckily it was all a hoax: "I finally got ahold of my assistant. She went to the house and saw that all my dogs were fine," Hilton thankfully said.

Hilton explained that Doug Reinhardt lives on a cul-de-sac, so noise echoes through the neighborhood. Presumably, that's why neighbors called the cops.

"They came to the house and saw that everything was fine and said, ‘Sorry, Ms. Hilton,'" said Paris, who said this prank call was hardly the first.

"I don't know who called," she says. "It happens all the time. I've changed my number like 10 times in two years. Whoever made that call is sadistic."

LAPD spokesman Richard French confirms that law enforcement officers got a call at Doug Reinhardt's residence but found everything to be copacetic.

"Just before 1 a.m. Friday morning, a patrol unit was called to investigate a domestic-violence incident,” French says. "When police arrived on the scene, it revealed that no crime had occurred, so there was no police report."

TMZ reports that when cops arrived, the two were in the middle of a nuclear screaming match. Paris and Doug wouldn't open the gate, so they hopped the fence.

Paris and Doug then answered the front door, cops spoke with them and the arguing stopped. This is the third time this week police were called to one of their homes. A previous incident? Wednesday's late-night rager that led to vandalism.

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