Helen Phillips Has Got Milk

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Helen Phillips has got more than just a new, banging body and reality TV title around her small waist.

The Biggest Loser champion has also got a recently-released Got Milk campaign. It reads:

Happy to lose. And happy to win. When every calorie counts, you have to make smart choices, like drinking fat-free milk. It's a nutrient powerhouse. Packed with 9 essential nutrients including protein, milk helps build muscle and fuels my workouts. Now the loser wins. Drink well. Live well. got milk?

Helen Phillips Got Milk Ad

With the ad, Phillips joins previous show winners Michelle Aguilar and Ali Vincent, both of whom have also sported the famous mustache for the national campaign.

So have the following stars. Let's just hope Phillips doesn't follow the lead of one of them. (Milk may have done Chris Brown's body good, but his protein-powered punches only inflicted further injury on Rihanna.)

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Helen Phillips Got Milk Ad
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