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Like Donna Martin years ago, Bristol Palin has managed to overcome one drunken mistake to graduate along with the rest of her high school classmates.

Looking like just another high school senior, America’s most famous teen mom took the stage in Wasilla Sports Complex last night to receive a diploma.

Of course, she was still more worried mom than irreverent teen.

“Where’s my baby?” Bristol mouthed, searching the front rows crowd where her proud family sat until she finally spotted son Tripp near the back door.

Bristol spotted and waved to her little guy – held by her Aunt Heather and being fed a bottle – and crossed “graduate high school” off her to-do list.

Previously checked off that list? Levi Johnston.

“I knew it would be hard work, but I knew I was going to do it,” Bristol, 18, said, referring to finishing high school even after giving birth.

Her mom, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the former Republican V.P. nominee, was not always so sure she could do it. Palin said one of her first thoughts when Bristol announced her pregnancy last spring was, “Oh, there goes her education.”

“And that’s why I’m so proud of her … and really relieved,” said Sarah, who yesterday voiced support for another controversial figure in Carrie Prejean.

“It has been a very challenging and exciting year – her senior year – and I’m so pleased that we are where we are today,” the Alaska Governor added.

Bristol Palin boasted a 3.497 GPA, “point zero-something” away from graduating with Honors. Now a budding activist supporting the prevention of teen pregnancy, she says she hopes to go to an area college and obtain a business degree.

Congratulations, Bristol!