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Troubled crooner Amy Winehouse has abruptly canceled her dreaded much-anticipated May 31 London concert, promising a full refund to those with tickets.

No explanation was provided.

The show would have been the first since her disastrous effort at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival this month, and her first UK concert since last September.

Wino has been in St. Lucia all of this year. She supposedly continues to work on her follow-up album to Back to Black. Don’t hold your breath for it.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

This is also the reaction of fans to Amy Winehouse concerts.

Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse went into the hospital yesterday, reporting “chest pains.” She was given treatment and is now reportedly “doing better.”

They might as well name a wing after her in the St. Lucia facility. Who’s got June ’09 in the Amy Winehouse Death Pool? Mitch Winehouse? Anyone?

Earlier in the week, she was hospitalized for “dehydration” after embarking on a booze bender. She’s quit hard drugs, though, people. Baby steps.