Spencer Pratt Sets Sights on Twitter Stardom

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If anyone in this world can rightfully be called a twit, it's Spencer Pratt. So it's hardly a shock that The Hills star has, in the past couple of months, so passionately embraced the "social networking" phenomenon known as Twitter.

After all, it allows narcissistic celebs and regular people alike to stroke their own egos, kill time and score cheap publicity points. What's not to love?

Grabbing Some Heidi

Spencer Pratt's latest scheme is to challenge reigning Twitter king Ashton Kutcher to a 30-day duel to see who can add the most new followers.

Pratt has 201,565, while Kutcher has a shocking 1,241,941, having ousted CNN in their first-to-a-million followers challenge, in which the winner pledged to donate thousands anti-malaria mosquito-netting beds for a life-saving cause.

NI-TWITS: Speidi, like many other celebs in this golden age of technology, are all about sharing their innermost thoughts 24-7-365. How lucky are celeb gossip lovers?!

As part of his challenge, Spencer says, "If I win, Ashton and Demi [Moore] have to wash my car." If he loses, "[Heidi Montag] and I will clean their house."

Don't hold your breath, Spence.

First of all, that's the lamest bet ever. Washing cars? Cleaning houses? Give us a break. Second, everyone knows you don't play down to your opponent. Ashton has already knocked off CNN. Your Twitter challenge likely isn't even on his radar.

Just stick to planning fake weddings, okay?

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