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Back to work – or whatever you call what they do – after their fairy tale wedding, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are now in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

But the two didn’t venture back to the site of their original fake wedding last year for honeymooning purposes. She is shooting her new music video.

Unfortch, it’s been tough, in light of the swine flu epidemic.

Spencer Pratt Shrugs While Heidi Montag Beams
Photo via Entertainment Tonight

“We’re definitely wearing the facemasks everywhere we go,” Spencer Pratt said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show this morning.

“We’re not playing – I’m not trying to get pig flu. We’re in isolation, in full hiding.” Montag said, “Every second, we’re washing our hands.”

The Hills tandem, in the midst of filming the music video for her new single, called “Sex Ed,” say they’re taking their honeymoon in about a week.

“I think we’re discussing with MTV going to Tahiti or Fiji, somewhere tropical and exciting,” Spencer Pratt said when asked about the location.

Asked if MTV is indeed footing the bill, the loathsome one added, “We’ll see. Since it is a recession, we might just be going to Santa Monica Beach!”

As for the wedding, Heidi Montag said it was unbelievable.

“All of our friends and family were there, and they were so loving and supportive. There were so many fans that were waiting outside, screaming when we came out. We appreciate their support. It was amazing and beautiful,” she said.

Of course, there was a little drama at the ceremony.

“Heidi has a father and a stepfather, and they both wanted to walk her down the aisle,” Spencer said. “That didn’t work out as planned.”

“It was not fun,” Heidi said. “But I am an adult so I had to take matters into my own hands and do what I thought was right. I told my stepdad that he’s been a great father figure, but at the end of the day, he’s not my dad.”

The rehearsal dinner also got ugly.

“There was a little something between Holly and her mom,” Pratt said. “They did something at the rehearsal dinner I thought was inappropriate.”

“It was out of line,” Montag interrupted.

“Alcohol and weddings are not supposed to mix,” Pratt said. “Luckily, Heidi and I stayed sober, but not everyone else stayed true to that guideline.”

We look forward to seeing whatever happened on The Hills!

Lastly, now that they’ve officially wed, are kids next?

“No, I’m only 22!” Montag said. “I think marriage is one thing, but kids are another. Maybe in 10 years.” Phew.

Click to enlarge some Speidi pics from the wedding day: