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Henry Ian Cusick probably wishes he could channel his character, Desmond Hume and – Lost spoiler alert! – go back in time to change this one.

A former ABC Entertainment employee filed a harassment and sexual battery claim against the Lost star Friday, claiming the Scottish actor groped her and made inappropriate sounds and gestures in October ’07 on the show’s Hawaii set.

Plaintiff Chelsea Stone alleges that, on or about October 16, Cusick “placed his hand on her buttocks” and caressed her back “while making moaning sounds.”

The 42-year-old actor then put his face in her cleavage and wagged his head back and forth, according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Cusick then touched her breasts with his hands and kissed her on the mouth, the accusations state. See ya in another courtroom, aye, brotha?

Stone says ABC and production company Grass Skirt Entertainment, also named as defendants, did nothing to keep Cusick away, even after she complained, and in the next few days the star and fellow employees became “very hostile” toward her.

On October 28, 2007, Stone was informed she had been fired.

Per the lawsuit, “Plaintiff suffered humiliation and severe mental and emotional distress, and suffered injury when, by means of stress, Plaintiff miscarried.”

Cusick’s rep would not comment on the lawsuit, which seeks damages for “physical injuries, sickness, substantial losses in earnings, and other indignities.”