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As has become her custom, Whitney Port has posted some thoughts on last night’s episode of her new reality TV show, The City, on her official website.

Last night’s episode was called “The Truth Hurts,” and for Whitney’s model pal Allie – who was at the center of a messy breakup last week – it sure did.

Here’s what Whitney Port had to say  …


Hey guys. So the major drama that went down in last night’s episode wasn’t based around relationships this time, but around body image.

Kelly Cutrone was in town for her birthday so I thought it might be fun to take the girls to her party, which might have been a bit of a mistake.

I warned them that Kelly could be a bit intimidating and in your face at times, and she definitely lived up to those expectations.

While we were sitting at a table with Kelly, she immediately launched in on Allie’s tiny frame, telling her she was too skinny and asking if she needed help. Allie was so offended by the attack that she got up and left the party.

Body image issues are something that every girl today inevitably has to deal with – not by choice or habit, but by an unknown factor we must face and in turn conquer.

It is not easy to be confident in this day and age and accept what our internal makeup has planned. Nor is it easy to neglect the indulgences that make life so tasteful.

Everyone must, at some point or another, learn to accept how we were created and make a life choice to be healthy.

Let’s stop trying to compare ourselves to everyone else.

Obviously, this is easier said than done, for self-security is not something that just appears one day, it is something we all need to work for.

Fight for yourself, fight for your friends – we were only given one body so give it what it deserves – praise it and in turn beauty will shine from within.

Isn’t that what truly matters?

Much love,

Kelly Cutrone lays the smack down on Whitney’s model friend Allie.