Kevin Federline: What Recession?

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As investors' worries about a sagging U.S. economy reach a fever pitch, The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled to levels not seen in over six years this afternoon.

Immune from the worsening financial crisis? Kevin Federline.

Thanks to his new arrangement with the surprisingly stable Bank of Britney Spears, the FedEx man plenty of dough to throw around on five-course meals ...

It's good to be Kevin Federline ... and any company that makes sweatpants.

It's heartwarming to see that as most Americans tighten their belts in these trying fiscal times, the former backup dancer's waistline is likely to keep ballooning.

After all, the fat checks be rollin' in and his only sources of exercise are the occasional round of golf (in a cart, no less) and bowling with girlfriend Victoria Prince.

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