Miss USA/XXX: Kelli McCarty Talks Faithless

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During her time on Passions - a soap opera that made Days of Our Lives' far-fetched story lines seem tame by comparison - Kelli McCarty experienced it all.

A love triangle with herself, a dude and an orangutan, dressing up as a clown, being wooed romantically by her own father, you name it. The good ol' days.

These days, however, Kelli McCarty is exploring a different kind of passion ... by starring in her first-ever adult film, Vivid Entertainment's feature Faithless.

"Doing an adult film was never in the back of my head," McCarty says. "I just sat on the idea, approached Vivid, and they said, 'Yeah, let's make a movie.'"

Of course. Chief among the concerns Kelli McCarty had going in was wanting to "combine the acting and the sex ... and to have a storyline that I liked."

In an interview with TV Guide below, she talks about some of her XXX-rated experiences, as well as what we can expect from this fine work of cinema:

Such insight. Who knew the fluffer actually existed, yet is now a thing of the past. Sad. Follow the jump for pictures of Miss USA 1991 in Faithless:

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