John McCain to The View: Kiss Off!

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With the campaign spotlight long gone, Bristol Palin may be less inclined to marry teenage baby daddy Levi Johnston than she espoused a few months ago.

John McCain is taking a similar approach to visiting The View.

The former presidential candidate's appearance on the talk show in September was one of the more interesting moments from the 2008 election season.

Throughout the interview, the GOP hopeful was on the hot seat, getting grilled on (among other things) why he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

During the broadcast, McCain actually held it together and seemed to be in good spirits. But was that an act? And is the Arizona senator holding a grudge?

According to reports, Barbara Walters recently saw McCain at a Washington event.

During the encounter, Walters expressed hope that the vanquished candidate would return to her TV show. Quoth the snapping senator: "Not anytime soon."

Such an obvious diss should give the ladies something to gab about - and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to get fired up defending him - for at last a few months.

Poor McCain. Either he's mad at talk show hosts or they're mad at him. Remember his epic feud with Letterman? Guess that's part of being a maverick.

Follow the jump for parts I and II of the aforementioned View interview ...

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