Jesse Csincsak Opines on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick

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Fans may remember Jesse Csincsak as Jason Mesnick's erstwhile rival for the love of DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette. Below are excerpts from a new interview Jesse recently gave in which he sounds off on Jason's starring turn on The Bachelor ...

Q: First of all, from the Women Tell All special, I don't know if we heard right, but are you in a new relationship?

Jesse Csincsak: Yes, I'm dating Holly Durst from the previous season of The Bachelor. I'm psyched. She's super-cute and very outgoing and fun to be with.

Q: So, how did you guys get together?

Jesse Csincsak: We were actually at a party at Les Deux in California, and I was actually still in my previous relationship. And everybody got introduced. Holly had some interest in going to grad school in Boulder, Colorado. Once I wasn't in a relationship anymore, I shot her a text message and said, “Hey, you know, if you still are looking for a tour of Boulder and the college, I'd love to go down there with you.” She ended up coming out and going snowboarding, and it's all history from there.

Holly Durst, Jesse Csincsak Picture

Jesse Csincsak with fellow Bachelor castoff and current girlfriend Holly Durst. She was dumped by Matt Grant, who chose that skank Shayne Lamas. [Photo: Splash News]

Q: I don't know if you've been reading the blogs, but there are huge potential Bachelor spoilers buzzing around about the end of this season ...

Jesse Csincsak: You know, every year, there's always somebody that comes out of the woodwork saying, “Oh, I know what happens.” And, you know, it's their claim to fame. My view on that is, hey, no matter what the outcome is, as long as Jason finds his true love, for him and Ty, more power to him. You know, I don't care what he has to do to be in love. I think there's people on this planet that would kill to be in love. So, I mean, you can't hate on the guy.

Q: Let's talk about Jason Mesnick. You got to know him pretty well. Based on what you know if him, who do you think is the better match for him?

Jesse Csincsak: You know, it's tough. I would like to call it 50-50. Molly and Melissa both have qualities that I think really fit Jason well. From what I can see, I think Melissa's better with Ty, but maybe Molly might be better with Jason.

Q: You have been in the same position as Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft are right now. Can you give some insight on what they're going through?

Jesse Csincsak: When you're down to Final Two, you're pretty much just sitting there, and you're going for the gusto. You've got nothing to lose at that point. You've been through the ringer, you've met the parents. Your heart's out there, you're already in love. What's the worst-case scenario? You're going to get your heart broken? But it's worth it just to get to be in love and be with that person.

Q: Were there any other bachelorettes from this season who you were like, “Oh my God, Jason. Why did you let her go?”

Jesse Csincsak: At first, I was really, pretty pumped on Megan and, I think it was, Lauren. But after kind of seeing what you see from the producers and stuff, they kind of fizzled out in my book, you know, from what I had a view of. I was really bummed on Lauren until she was like, “You're going to give me this rose,” and I was like, “Woah!” And that's what kind of blew it for me.

Q: You aren't with DeAnna anymore, but do you have any idea what is going to happen next week? All season, ABC has said she's coming back ...

Jesse Csincsak: I do that she came back after we had broken up and what not. But, I mean, they always lead you to believe something, you know what I mean? I think she's coming back and she's going to give some sort of advice, would be my guess.

Q: What advice would you give Jason Mesnick right now?

Jesse Csincsak: Just to be true to himself and to not compromise himself to go after he wants. It doesn't matter what the viewers think or what anybody else thinks. It's all about him and Ty. As long as he does that, he'll be happy in the end.

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