For the Love of Ray J Clips, Preview

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Is reality television big enough for The Ikki Twins and Ray J?

We're about to find out.

VH1 really is set to air For the Love of Ray J, which follows the basic dating series formula of sticking insane, desperate women in a house with an eligible, shameless bachelor. It's gonna be great.

The show premieres on February 2, but you can enjoy a preview for it below:

We're not done with Ray J yet, though!

Click on the following images to be reminded of why this aspiring musician (and STD carrier, evidently) is famous in the first place. Hint: it has to do with a video camera, a bedroom and Kim Kardashian nude:

He Bangs, He Bangs!
Sex Tape Preparation
A Ray J Railing
Ready to Strip
Gettng Ready to Bone
Sex Tape Preview
Past Lovers
Kim K, Ray J: Sucking Face, More
Ray J Does Kim Kardashian
Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Sex Tape
Kim and Ray J

Ray J Biography

Pic of Ray J
We love Ray J! He was the Kim Kardashian sex tape partner and has turned that video into a full-fledged career that involves... being... More »
Full Name
Ray J