During Tough Economic Times, Hilary's Duff's Cat Makes No Concessions

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With unemployment on the rise, it's good to know that Hilary Duff's cat is going to be ok.

Earlier today, Miley Cyrus 1.0 was spotted doing her part for the economy... by shopping up a storm!

With the stock market at all-time lows and unemployment on the rise, it makes us sleep better knowing that Hilary Duff's cat has a warm bed and plenty of toys to get him through these hard times.

See the bounty our favorite feline friend raked in while Duff was out...

Duff a Cat-lover

Click the pictures below to see more of Hilary Duff's shopping spree:

Duff's Cat a Spoiled Brat
Hilary Duff's Cat Cleans Up
Duff Lavishes Cat
Hilary Duff finds Catnip
Hilary's Feline Frenzy
Hilary Duff Shops for her Cat

The cat loved the chew toys, but is trading in the Mercedes SUV. [Photo Credit: Splash News]


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